Medical Superintendents hold free health screening in Sunyani


The Medical Superintendents Group of Ghana on Monday, October 21  organized a free public health screening at the main lorry station in Sunyani ahead of the opening of its 18th Annual General Meeting expected to be opened on Wednesday.

The Meeting will be under the theme, “Reducing road carnage: the role of the hospital” and the screening exercise was targeted at drivers to check their health status such as sugar level, weight and blood pressure.

The drivers were advised to comply with road traffic regulations to help reduce road accidents and also to under regular medical checkups.

Dr. Kwame Boadu, a representative of the National Executive Council of the Medical Superintendents in an interview with Ark FM’s Rosemond Kisiwaa, noted that carnage on roads could somehow be associated with the health of drivers as their poor sight could cause road accidents.

He noted that the salaries of some medical superintendents were low as compared to doctors under their management and called for a second look at their remuneration.


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