Planned fuel increment canceled after Akufo-Addo intervention


The planned increment in the prices of fuel at the pumps has been halted following an intervention by President Akufo-Addo, Starr News has learnt.

National Petroleum Authority (NPA) had in a notice Monday morning directed oil marketing companies to effect a 4 pesewa adjustment in the price of fuel.

However, after a threat of legal action against the move by the Chamber of Petroleum Consumers (COPEC) the action has been withdrawn.

“We have been informed that the President and the Chief of Staff have all intervened and the increment has been withdrawn,” COPEC leader Duncan Amoah told Starr News.

Earlier, he warned, “if by close of today we do not get any confirmation of withdrawal, they will face us in court tomorrow morning.”

“We cannot allow the illegality to stand. NPA has not suddenly become an authority that imposes taxes and so if you need to increase any margins or levies or taxes that would necessarily have to emerge from the finance minister, it would have to go to parliament for debate, we will all have to have certain inputs if necessary.

“But you don’t just wake up and issue a memo instructing that people should collect more at the pumps because you have decided. That clearly is unconstitutional, illegal and we intend to stop this anyway anyhow,” he indicated.


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