MP’s suspected killer ‘attempts killing’ prison officer


Daniel Asiedu, the alleged killer of a Member of Parliament (MP), J. B. Danquah-Adu, has been accused of attempting to kill a prison officer at the Nsawam Medium Security Prison.

Asiedu allegedly made the attempt on January 5, 2020 when the prison officer seized his mobile phone.

This emerged at the Accra High Court on Thursday when Asiedu complained to the court that he was being tortured in prison.

According to the suspect, aka Sexy Don Don, he was “handcuffed, stripped naked and beaten” in prison.

He also told the court that there were marks all over his body to prove what he was saying.

“My life is in danger and I want the court to help me,” he said.

Attempt on  prison officer

The presiding judge, Justice George Buadi, inspected Asiedu’s marks and asked the leader of the prison officers who had brought remand prisoners to the court, to state their side of the story.

The prison officer explained that Asiedu had complained to one Assistant Superintendent of Prisons (ASP) (name not mentioned) that another inmate had seized his (Asiedu’s) phone.

In view of that, he said, the ASP told Asiedu to call the said inmate who had ceased the phone. When the inmate arrived, he had on him two phones – one belonging to him and another for Asiedu.

According to the prison officer, the ASP seized both phones which infuriated Asiedu who picked an offensive weapon and attempted to stab the ASP, amid shouts of, “I will kill you”.

He said Asiedu was stopped and had since been kept in solitary confinement in prison.

The officer, however, denied that Asiedu had been tortured.


Both the prosecutor, Ms Sefakor Batse, a Senior State Attorney, and Asiedu’s lawyer, Augustine Obour, inspected the marks on Asiedu’s body.

In his submission, Mr Obour said such treatment should not be meted out to his client.

According to him, that was not the first time his client had complained to the court about being ill-treated in prison.

The state, he said, had a duty to protect his client and ensure that his dignity was protected at all times

“Next time it will not be marks, but death. He has been in custody for three years with no bail and even no trial,” he argued.

The prosecutor, in response, said while she acknowledged the marks on Asiedu’s body, there was no concrete proof that they were as a result of torture.

Also, she said the accused must also be mindful of his actions and watch how he behaved in lawful custody.

“I have noticed that there is some behavioural trend and there is a problem with his character. He should be advised to behave well,” she said.


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