Chief of Yawhima calls on other chiefs to collaborate in fighting criminals in Sunyani


Sunyani, Bono regional capital and its immediate environs were once described as the safest place to live but the zeal to live in the area is gradually diminishing as criminals have virtually taken over these areas.

In the quest to remove these hardened criminals the chief of Yawhima in Sunyani East, Nana Ansu Ababio, has called on the various chiefs in the area to team up to ensuring peace and security. Speaking to Akroma Deefour in an interview, the chief suggested that watchdog committees could be formed in the various communities to assist the police service to beef up security.

Nana Ansu Ababio vowed to make his catchment area an uncomfortable zone for criminals and sakawa boys to operate and warned such miscreants to advise themselves.

He said he had instructed the watchdog committee in his area to deal with anyone found after 12 midnight and whose demeanor poses a threat.

Nana Ansu Ababio’s pronouncement follows the retrieval of the body of an ex military man called Kofi who was affectionately called Soldier Man who was found killed and dumped in the bush.

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