Wyclef Jean hunts for viral Accra Academy student rapper


Haitian rapper, musician and actor Wyclef Jean is on the hunt for a high school student from Accra Academy who has gone viral on social media because of his rap skills.

The student who goes by the stage name F asquare is seen in a brief clip rapping in the Kasahari style popularised by BET Award winner Sarkodie.

The viral video has been shared by thousands including Sarkodie who praised the youngster for his skills.

Commenting on the video on Twitter, Wyclef wrote: Carnival world music Group is looking for this kid he got talent !!!!!”

The multiple Grammy award winner owns the Carnival World Music Group, a new music publishing and distribution company, focused on creative talent in Africa and other emerging markets. The Group recently raised $25 million in capital funding.

The news of the investment follows last month’s announcement that Wyclef Jean entered into a new collaborative partnership with Entertainment industry finance firm Sound Royalties.

Speaking last month, Wyclef Jean said: “The demand for music from Africa and other developing regions is growing, and these professional creatives deserve to be a part of the international music marketplace.

“There is a need for them to have open access to global publishing and distribution options that protect their rights and ensure they’re fairly paid.

“This initiative not only introduces and launches new talent but helps creatives around the world thrive in their careers.”


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