Don’t carry offensive weapons to campaign grounds – NCCE Director


The Dormaa East District Director of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Mr Emmanuel Hinneh, has appealed to political party activists and supporters not to carry offensive weapons and materials to any gathering, especially campaign grounds.

He stated that such items could endanger the lives of other people because those who possessed them could be tempted or forced to use them in case of a brawl, disagreement or misunderstanding at the place.

Mr Hinneh made the appeal at a Meet-the-Press event held at Wamfie in the Bono Region to update the populace on development projects being implemented in the district.

It was attended by functionaries of the New Patriotic Party, traditional rulers, traders, artisans, students, public/civil servants, assembly members, the media and the general public.

Talk shows

Mr Hinneh entreated panellists on radio talk shows to be decorous, show respect to persons in high authority and avoid trading insults, saying that portrayed them as role models for the younger generation to emulate.

He said the 1992 Constitution gave an inalienable right to everyone to join a political party of his/her choice, saying while the individual’s right needed to be respected, it must not be allowed to divide people.

He cautioned minors to avoid registering when the voter registration exercise commenced as culprits would be liable for prosecution.


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