NPP Primaries: Dormaa West Aspirant Disqualified for impersonation


A parliamentary candidate hopeful for Dormaa West has been disqualified by the vetting committee in his bid to join the race come April 25.

In a statement issued by the party, Rasford Osei Amponsah whom many tipped to unseat the incumbent Member of Parliament Hon. Ali Maiga Halidu is alleged to have impersonated one Andrews Amponsah, using his Voter ID card to file his nomination.  

Below is the statement


Mr. Ransford Osei Amponsah is an aspiring Parliamentary Candidate of the New Patriotic Party in the Dormaa West Constituency. The Party began its Parliamentary vetting process for the Bono, Ahafo and Bono East on Friday,28 February,2020 in Sunyani at Shakina Lodge. The Dormaa West seat is being contested by Hon. Ali Maiga(MP),the incumbent and Mr Ransford Osei Amponsah all of the NPP.One Frimpong Martin with telephone number 0504649857,  Polling Station Executive Chairman at Adiemmra-Nzezera polling Station of Asofire Electoral Area had on the 25th February,2020 petitioned the Parliamentary Vetting Committee Chaired by Mrs Rita Atalata Asorbayire, National 1st Vice Chairperson of the New Patriotic Party. Frimpong, the petitioner among other things stated that Mr Ransford is not fit to contest as NPP Parliamentary Candidate in the upcoming Parliamentary Primaries because he has no voter ID Card and that the identification card submitted by the nominee is fake and same be rejected. Mr Michael Gyabaah 0544529523 the Research Officer  of Dormaa West who is also a member of the Parliamentary Election Committee therefore made a search at the District Electoral Commission about the particulars submitted by the petitioner and it was revealed that Mr Ransford Osei Amponsah used Andrews Amponsah’s particulars thus Voter ID card and filled his nomination forms. The Party Executives noted that Andrews Amponsah is the elderly brother of Ransford Osei Amponsah and that Mr Ransford has no Voter ID card of himself.

When Mr Ransford appeared before the Parliamentary Vetting Committee led by Mrs Rita Atalata Asobayire, Chairperson of the Committee and 1st National Vice Chairperson of the NPP   and other members including Lawyer Henry Nana Boakye, National Youth Organizer, Kwame Baffoe Abronye ,Bono Chairman etc, he was asked to submit all his documents for investigation.

Lawyer Henry Nana Boakye (Nana Bee) read the petition by Frimpong to Mr Ransford and he denied same.

The Committee therefore presented to him the search conducted by the Constituency Research and Electoral Officer and upon proper scrutiny it was detected that Mr Ransford is not a registered voter in Ghana and had there forged the Voter Identification Card he Submitted to the Committee.

The Voter ID card upon thorough investigation with the Electoral Commission revealed that the Voter ID Number 346200 4890 bears his brothers name and picture and not Ransford Osei Amponnsah as he claimed.

Again, Mr Ransford Osei Amponosah stated on his nomination forms that he was born on the 4th Day of November,1982 which is about 38 or 39 years by now and according to him he registered to become a Voter in Ghana on 5th day of April 2012 which at that material date he was 42yrs.Meanwhile it is about 9 years from 2012 now and  which he would have been about 51years as of yesterday.

In view of the above the Parliamentary Vetting Committee registered a great displeasure about the misconduct towards the unfaithful behavior of Mr Ransford Osei Amponsah and discharged him immediately.

The Committee however assured themselves and all observers including the Constituency Executive Committee of Dormaa West present that it is considering given the available documents of Mr Ransford to the appropriate state institution for further investigation and subsequent prosecution since impersonation or misrepresentation or false representation is a criminal offense under Act 29 of the 1960 criminal Code of Ghana.

The attached documents are the particulars of Frimpong’s petition to the Parliamentary Vetting Committee, Birth Certificate of Mr. Ransford Osei (impersonator), the voter ID card submitted by Ransford Osei Amponsah  and copy of his nomination form.


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