Social Media Users Attack Lady Who Claims Assaulting A Woman Is An act Of Love


A young Nigerian lady has set social media ablaze after revealing that violence is the only medium through which a lady would know whether her man truly loves and care for her.

Her video found it way on different social media platforms where users have expressed disgust and displasure in her claims. According to the lady, if a guy doesn’t beat his lady once in a while, then he doesn’t love her.

Making her point clear and understanble, she said the best way to show love and affection to a woman is to assault her. She described a non-violent relationship as fake since the absence of violence renders the relationship boring.

She used herself as an example of such women who can’t date a guy who doesn’t beat his lady once a while. Social media users branded her “stupid” for making such disgusting claim. Most of them asked her to check into a psychiatric hospital for a check up.

Check video and replies below:


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