Foreigners in Ghana can legally acquire a Ghana Card- NIA


The National Identification Authority says its attention has been drawn to a video circulating on social media suggesting that the possession of a Ghana card by a Chinese national is unlawful.

In a statement signed by the Head of Corporate Affairs of the NIA Francis Palmdetti, the Issuance of Ghana Cards to resident foreigners in Ghana is backed by law and therefore a Chinese or other foreign nationals may lawfully possess a Ghana Card.

He said section 2(25) of NIA Act 2006, Act 707, and section 7 of the National Identity Request Act 2008, Act 750 backs it.

It said by virtue of these legal provisions, the NIA is mandated to register and issue Ghana Cards not only to Ghanaians living in Ghana and abroad but also to foreigners legally resident in the country.

According to the NIA since 2012, it has been issuing Ghana Cards to qualified foreigners who have lived in Ghana for a cumulative period of 90 days and above per the National identity Register Regulations L1 2111 (2012).

The statement indicated that the card displayed in the said video is similar in all visible respects to the one issued by NIA to qualified foreigners, It reiterated that there is absolutely no problem with the Chinese national holding a Ghana Card.


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