224 ‘stranded’ Ghanaians arrive from UK


wo hundred and twenty-four Ghanaians have arrived in Ghana from the UK as part of the government’s efforts to evacuate Ghanaians stranded abroad because of the novel coronavirus.

They were checked in by the Ghana Immigration Service personnel and health officers on Wednesday.

The returnees had agreed to pay for hotel bills and their flight.

The government’s pre-condition for evacuation was that the stranded citizens bear the full cost of their 14-day mandatory quarantine when they arrive in the country.

These arrivals will be quarantined at the Airport View Hotel, Alisa Hotel and Marriot Hotel.

Stay at the Airport View Hotel is costing GHS500 a night, Alisa Hotel going for GHS600 a night and Marriot Hotel going for GHS600 a night.

A second batch of Ghanaians from the UK is expected to arrive this Sunday.

The government has indicated it has so far evacuated 856 stranded Ghanaians back to Ghana.

Also, 245 Ghanaians were deported from Kuwait and allowed into the country by the Government.

The government has indicated that the Ghanaians stranded abroad will be addressed in phases.

The government’s pre-condition for evacuation is, however, a source of concern for some of the Ghanaians abroad who have described them as excessive.

Some say they cannot afford the cost of quarantine because they have run out of money.

The Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration responded to the concerns saying consultations were ongoing with a view to reducing the costs.


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