Airtel Tigo launches ‘Free Morning Offer’ with free morning calls for six months


COVID-19 is impacting nearly every part of life, with working from home becoming the norm, remote learning growing in importance for schools, and even social time shifting towards virtual “happy hours.”

These social distancing policies are critical to help curtail the spread of the virus, but have led to a massive increase in demands for connectivity resources as video chat, calls to check-in with colleagues or loved ones, and an increase in shared online experiences.

With years of experience in the telecommunications space, Airtel Tigo has introduced the ‘Free Morning Offer’ to cushion consumers and give new and existing customers free AirtelTigo to AirtelTigo calls from 5am to 10am every day for six months.

The launch comes few weeks after the government announced a reduction in the Communication Service Tax also known as ‘Talk Tax’.

Speaking to Citi Business News, the Chief Marketing Officer of Airtel Tigo, Atul Narain Singh, said the ‘Free Morning Offer’, and all AirtelTigo products, are based on the voice of the customer and consumer insights.

“We Ghanaians love talking to friends, loved ones early in the day. And, as part of our dealings, send money to each other. Our offer has been made based on this simple yet compelling insight,” he said.

“Delighting customers is an obsession for us. By making it absolutely easy for them to have unlimited conversations every morning and free transfers on our network for six months, we are once again providing great value to our customers and making their life simple,” he added.

In addition to the free calls, new customers will also get to enjoy free AirtelTigo Money to AirtelTigo Money transfers for six months.

Atul Narain Singh, also assured current and prospective customers of the network’s commitment to consistently offer quality services amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen increased data usage and mobile financial services.

AirtelTigo’s Chief Sales Officer, Abubakari Halidu, explained the process involved in subscribing to the offer.

“All a customer has to do is to buy a new AirtelTigo SIM, register for an AirtelTigo Money account, do an AirtelTigo Money transaction, and, lo and behold – get six months of free AirtelTigo calls free from 5am to 10am as well as free transfers to AirtelTigo Money customers.”

He also explained that existing AirtelTigo customers can activate the offer by dialing *110#, select option 2 and purchase the offer using their AirtelTigo Money account for just 2 GHS.



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