Awuah Odumase king makers reject Manhemaa’s choice of Omanhene’s successor


The Abakomahene of Awuah- Dumase traditional council, Nana Kwabena Owusu has denied the kingmakers consent for one Daniel Charles Kofi Ntow as successor of the late Omanhene for the area, Nana Kwame Korang VI.

In an interview with Ark News the Adehyepanin, Nana Kwabena owusu said, claims by the Omanhemaa, Nana Owusuaa Ayebiafo as thorough procedure in selecting the latter are false as they are not aware.

On the July 13, 2020, Mr. Daniel Charles Kofi Ntow former Managing Director of National Investment Bank was unveiled by the Omanhemaa and some sub chiefs of the traditional area to take over the 3 year vacancy as paramount chief for the area.

The unveiling which took place at the Odumase saw a heavy security presence which according to sources was in relation to plots to mar the programme by section of the royal family who were aggrieved with the selection of Charles Kofi Ntwo.

However speaking in an interview with Nana Owusuaa Ayebiafo, Omanhemaa of the traditional council on Ark in the Morning, she declined to comment on the development saying, the case is currently at the law court pending hearing.  

Press Statement Below:

                  BANTAMAHENE AT IT AGAIN

 The people of Awua Domase have a rich history, custom and tradition of selecting their chief whenever the paramount Stool becomes vacant. This practice has not change over the years. The process of selection begins with the Queen mother and the Abakomahene /Adehyepanin (The head of the Royal Gates) with nomination of a candidate among the qualified candidates from the Royal Gates. The candidate is then presnted on to the Gyasehene then to the Korontihene and other kingmakers. When the candidate is approved, other customary processes begins to install that candidate as a chief.

The role of the Abakomahene/Adehyepanin continues to play as he is the liaison officer between the Royals and the traditional council and also the chief advisor to the Paramount Chief. The New Abakomahene/Adehyepanin  elect, Mr. Steven Owusu was presented to the Awua Domase Traditional Council  and approved on Friday the 10th of July, 2020.

On the Monday 13th July 2020, two days after the presentation of the current Abakomahene/ Adehyepanin, the Queen mother of Awua Domase Nana Yaa Owusuaa Ayebiafo II unilaterally presented Mr. Kofi Ntow also known in public life as Charles Gyimah a former NIB Head as the Chief of Awua Domase without the knowledge and consent of either the Abakomahe/ Adehyepanin, the Royals or the Traditional Council. Meanwhile, Mr. Kofi Ntow’s nomination by his family has been petitioned against by the Royal Gates about his eligibility at the Regional House of Chiefs.

This uncustomed installation of Mr. Kofi Ntow by the Queen mother was assisted by a group of people claiming to have been sent by Otumfour Osie TuTu II (The Asantehene) through Bantamahene to Awua Domase to perform such an abominable custom. A potential bloodshed of the Queen mother uncustomed installation was averted by the intervention of the Abakomahene/Adehyepanin and the head of the Royal Families for a simple reason that, they did not believe the Otumfour Osei Tutu II the Asantehene we know, would ever do such a thing by sending people to any place to install their chief let alone Awua Domase.

This utter disgraceful act by the Queen mother and her so called nominee Mr. Kofi Ntow has brought the Awua Domase traditional council to the state of mockery by outsiders but the Royal Gates with their heads of families the Abakomahene/Adehyepanin have vowed to restore the lost dignity, custom, age old tradition of electing their Paramount Chief and the good name of Awua Domase.


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