Capture us on new electoral roll – Repatriated Ghanaians to EC


A group has petitioned the Electoral Commission to reopen the electoral roll for repatriated Ghanaians who missed out on the initial voter registration exercise.

The group, known as the Coalition of Repatriated Ghanaians, comprises Ghanaians who were unable to partake in the recently held voter registration because they were either observing the mandatory quarantine or yet to return to Ghana due to border closures.

“Majority of us were either observing the mandatory 14-day quarantine or were yet to return to Ghana. Although we were assured that special arrangements would be made for us, nothing is forthcoming,” the group said in a statement.

“Our understanding is that provided we arrive in Ghana at least three months to the general election special arrangements would be made for such persons to register but it seems such an assurance is not forthcoming,” the group added in the statement.

The group fears its members will be disenfranchised if they are not allowed to register before the commencement of the voter register exhibition exercise scheduled to commence on September 18, 2020.

“We are appealing to your good office to make special arrangements to help repatriated Ghanaians get registered. We will be glad if our request is considered,” the group appealed to the Electoral Commission.

In July, the lead convenor of the Coalition of Repatriated Ghanaians, Dunyo Kingsley, also expressed worry over the prospect of Ghanaians stranded abroad being disenfranchised.

The compilation of a new voters’ register commenced on Tuesday, June 30, and ended on Tuesday, August 6, 2020.


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