I was ignorant of the law, nudity is not good – Akuapem Poloo


Actress Rosemond Alade Brown alias Akuapem Poloo has implored the youth to desist from publishing nude pictures on social media.

Speaking at a press conference a day (April 24, 2021) after she was granted bail after appealing a 90-day jail sentence for posting a nude photograph of herself with her son, Akuapem Poloo expressed intentions about starting a campaign against nudity on social media.

Pleading for forgiveness from President Akufo-Addo and the entire nation, Poloo said she was ignorant about the laws of the country when she posted that photograph.

She said: “…I didn’t know it is not a good thing, whatever it is forgive me. I beg you, the whole world, the whole Ghana, Mr President, my legends, my women, have mercy on me and forgive me, I didn’t do that intentionally…

“I want to say this to my colleagues, to the young ones that are coming that it is not a good act [to post nude pictures on social media]. I didn’t know and I did it and this is what I got myself into, so please, especially the nudity, we should put a stop to it.

“Nudity is not good at all, it’s not just taking a picture with your son in that manner, nudity is not good. And Ghanaians we have our norms and our culture, my colleagues should understand and put a stop to it,” she stressed.

She also expressed gratitude for the support she had received since she was sentenced.

“God bless everyone for the support. I didn’t know that taking pictures with my son in that manner could send me to jail or put me in big trouble.

“I didn’t know it was not a good thing. Whatever it is, forgive me and have mercy on me. I didn’t do that intentionally. I’m your kid sister, I’m your child, I’m your daughter. Please forgive me,” she said.


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