“NDC cannot be left out in the history of the world politics”-Founding Member


A former Municipal Chief Executive for Asunafo North and a founding member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Alhaji Mohamed Kwaku Doku, has said the NDC is one of the over 158 countries having membership in the Socialist international.

Mr. Doku added that the group is a reputable one around the whole world with which Hon. Johnson AsieduNketiah is the Vice President of the International organization shows how powerful the party is and that they deserve to be proud of.

Speaking on Issues on Ark FM, Mr. Doku made mention of the difficult moments the Party had been through after Ghana’s independent where the state of corruption and injustice was on the rise in the era of coupe deter .

  He however restated the statement made by the late former President J J Rawlins after the December 1981 coupe that it will be the last coupe to stage in the country which eventually became reality when injustice and corruption was high.

Mr. Kwaku Doku also said life was difficult before Rawlins but he was able to stabilize the country and how he turned the governance into the multi party democracy devoid of monopolizing the countries resources to only the elite families which brought about our constitution that was collective ideas of all Ghanaians.

On his part as the Chairman of the Convention Peoples party in the Bono Region Ali Dayinde said he appreciates the NDC for recognizing the work done by Kwame Nkrumah but was quick to add that NDC was a failure under Atta Mills and Mahama unlike the era of Rawlins.

He added that there is no deference now between the NDC and the NPP now as they all fail to go by the simplicity of the leadership under Rawlins as money paying during election is becoming the order of the day.


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